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LHN – Lubbock Homeschool Network (formerly known as Lubbock Homeschool News), is an online network of several hundred local homeschool families sharing information about classes, field trips, sports, clubs, tutors, and everything else related to homeschooling in Lubbock. Join the LHN Facebook Group.

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This LHN website provides many articles on homeschool styles, homeschooling high school, special needs children, and more. Surf around the menus to find all we offer.

Here are some links to some commonly requested information.

Lubbock Homeschool Network Facebook Group

Homeschool Law
Info on homeschooling legally in Texas:

Homeschool Support Groups
Many area groups offer play dates, co-op classes, scheduled activities and events, etc. (LHN is primarily online.) Here’s a list of groups and contact info:

LHN Teen and Preteen Social Activities
A group for parents to co-host and organize social activities for homeschool preteens (10-12) and teens (13-18) to make friends and have fun. We try to have at least two activities per month. Come help us create exciting social activities! No membership fee. www.facebook.com/groups/325760160968440

Lubbock Homeschool Field Trips
Lubbock Homeschool Field Trips (LHFT) offers year-round activities, with a minimum of two field trips per month, and a family social and a Moms Night Out every month. $25 annual fee per family to cover costs of deposits and other costs associated with the trips. This fee does not cover the additional costs charged by individual venues, although many field trips will be free of charge. Email contact for LHFT: lubbockfieldtrips@gmail.com. LHFT’s Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/lubbockfieldtrips.

Homeschool Sports
LHCAA (www.lhcaa.com) offers swimming, basketball, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Daniel Lassiter (spcheatennis@juno.com) offers homeschool tennis and family tennis camps.

Homeschool Lending Library
Browse or borrow curriculum at the Homeschool Lending Library. Browse an online catalog and check out books on the library’s website: www.lubbockhslibrary.info. Find basic info, including directions to the library, at www.lubbockhomeschool.com/lubbock-homeschool-lending-library.

Homeschool Drama Group
For sign-up dates for the Hub City Players or to be added to list for next semester, contact Jan at jangibson6@yahoo.com or Randee Allen at micnran@sptc.net. For more info, join the Hub City Players Facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/Jangibson/.

Homeschool Graduation
SPCHEA offers a graduation ceremony.  The first meeting is in October. Contact: spcheatennis@juno.com.

Homeschool Prom
Join the Lubbock Homeschool Prom Facebook group for updated info on the current year’s prom. www.facebook.com/groups/145843405538191

Testing & Services for Learning Disabilities
Providers and services for students with learning and developmental disabilities that LHN parents found helpful.

Selling Stuff
The Lubbock Area Homeschool Exchange (LAHE) is a Facebook sales group for Lubbock-area homeschoolers. Items do not have to be homeschool-related.

That’s some basic info we think is nice to have gathered in one place.

Feel free to ask questions about homeschooling in the LHN Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LubbockHomeschool.

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